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Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC) VirtualizeIT

In today’s economy, information managers in architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) firms are looking at ways to get more hardware for their money, from desktops to servers, and deciding what can wait. Firms are considering holding off on most major upgrades and looking for solutions with low capital investment, low recurring costs, and high flexibility.

IT Challenges

  • IT Budgets are focused on items with a less-than-18-month return on investment (ROI)
  • High-priced computers are required to run projects on Autodesk’s Revit software
  • Software upgrades and BIM are increasing the demand on infrastructure and staff
  • Mobility is not an option when architects are unable to leave their computers while designs are being rendered
  • Improving efficiency is forcing firms to review and renegotiate IT contracts, software licenses, and maintenance agreements
  • Increasing file sizes from 3D Modeling and other applications are driving storage capacity and network bandwidth

The Q Impact

The Q enables AEC firms to greatly benefit from small form factor, lower-cost devices, to aid the mobility of their employees and the increasing levels of remote access technology that they demand. The Q’s powerful virtualized desktop solution enables professionals across all fields to move work seamlessly from their office to their home. Leap-frog existing VDI Technology with this low-cost, high-performance, scalable and portable solution that enables your organization to:

  • Access all your major applications (including 64-bit) remotely using devices such as iPads, and other mobile devices
  • Leverage your existing IT infrastructure
  • Address all your storage, backup, archiving, email, web, connectivity, phones, etc

The Q delivers a more scalable infrastructure, dramatically improves the service level of your IT systems, provides an advanced ability to recover your IT systems in the event of a disaster, and realizes continuous cost savings. The Q is seamless and its architecture is designed around your staff’s regular work environment for added convenience and ease of company adoption. The Q eliminates the stress normally associated with change. People like it so they use it … it is that easy!


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