Managed Q


What is it?

The Assessment is a 1-2 day fixed price engagement that analyzes your IT infrastructure and delivers recommendations on how the Q can increase your quality of service and decrease your total cost of ownership. (More complex environments may require additional time). One Managed-Q Consultant with virtualization and infrastructure expertise will perform the work at the customer’s site, manage all stages of the engagement, provide full knowledge transfer, and complete any necessary documentation.

What does it do?

The Assessment analyzes factors such as server & desktop utilization, server consolidation, application failover, application isolation, memory, network, storage, security, and more.


The Q: Implementation Strategy Roadmap

A report detailing your current IT environment and the impact of the Q in terms of hardware, software, staffing, and support costs, as well as quality of service and security. If required, It also includes projected implementation costs including exchange implementation, additional application subscriptions, consulting, and training.

Knowledge Transfer

Managed-Q certified consultants provide full knowledge transfer, review the Assessment report findings, and make recommendations for additional training in order to ensure full operational efficiency for your new Q environment.


Knowing the approximate duration and cost of a virtualization project lets you accurately and confidently project net improvements to total cost of ownership and return on your IT investment.


The assessment relies on having ready access to the personnel responsible for the IT infrastructure and applications under consideration for virtualization. It is critical that these individuals be involved in the planning phases of the assessment and available for information and assistance in later phases. More specifically, the customer will need to provide access to one or more of the following:

  • Project sponsor: This person is the ultimate sign-off authority at the client, provides the high-level overview of long-term goals and objectives, and is typically an IT director
  • Project manager: This individual acts as the direct contact with Managed-Q’s consultant, manages the day-to-day client side activities, and ensures the timely delivery of information required for the project.
  • IT and other staff: These people provide the information about the client’s IT infrastructure and future requirements. Resources from development, operations, planning, purchasing, accounting, or finance may be incorporated into the project team or accessed via the project manager as appropriate.
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