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Increasing competition, compliance with industry and government regulations, business continuity and ever-higher customer expectations, together with the constant drive for greater operational efficiency and cost reduction, are placing more and more pressure on automotive dealerships. Managing and maintaining legacy systems to meet the rapidly evolving demands and needs of today’s techno-savvy car buyers is becoming increasingly difficult. For most dealerships, handling day-to-day computer and network issues is more than enough to handle. Can I receive email from my clients and vendors? Is my Computer safe from Viruses or Spyware? Are my employees able to quickly and efficiently access the Internet for Leads or to pull Credit Reports to close deals?

Slow Application Performance Hinders Branch Operations

Applications such as ADP are fundamentally important to dealerships. Employees need access to information, and they need it quickly. However, these applications typically run very slow – sometimes taking as much as 3 minutes to load, and remain slow for data access. In addition to reduced application performance, branch site backups to the data center could take between 12 and 15 hours, often extending into the next working day and further slowing application response time.

If dealerships continue doing business as usual with slow application response times, they would have to hire additional staff in their accounting department to handle the daily workload, and be forced to consider a very costly hardware refresh.

Business Challenges

  • Slow application performance at branch locations
  • Need for increased IT efficiency across data center and branch locations
  • WAN latency, bandwidth capacity limitations

Increased Demand for Bandwidth Drives Higher Costs

Increasing Internet usage by employees across dealerships can easily saturate the broadband connection to their Internet Service Provider. Because of this, dealerships may need to install expensive additional lines.

The Q Impact

Choosing the Q equips a dealership with an infrastructure that can grow and change with business requirements, and result in cost savings of up to 50% when compared to existing IT costs.

From the sales floor to the service bay, automotive dealerships have unique communications needs. With employees constantly on the move, anything that helps them stay connected, collaborate more effectively and respond rapidly to customers can directly impact a dealership’s bottom line.

  • Reduce Operational Costs, Create New Revenue Opportunities
  • Maintain Business Continuity and Security
  • Improved Application Performance, Branch Efficiency

Auto dealerships must improve customer service levels, reach potential customers faster and enhance the car-buying experience in order to capture more market share. To do so, effective communication tools are an essential key to remaining competitive and growing a successful dealership.

By deploying the Q, dealerships will realize significantly improved application performance, with some programs running as much as 100 times faster. The increased branch efficiency will help you streamline IT operations, increase database server capacity, and reduce bandwidth.

The difference with the Q is like night and day, I now have control of my dealerships, I don’t have to go through a costly technology refresh. Now, my user experience with the ADP is amazing, the information is there as soon as you press the Enter key.

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